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50 ways to build World Peace

 50 Ways to build World Peace: Take your share of responsibility for the world, Promote Unity, Talk about peace, Help those in need, Welcome a stranger, Mediate a conflict, Seek mutual understanding, Aim so everyone wins, Aid the starving, Participate, Be friendly with your neighbor, Meditate, Join peace protests, Consider others, Exchange Ideas, Think positive, Educate others, Don't fight... forgive, Campaign against war, Make time for your children, Practice patience, Smile at people wherever you go, Support hunger charities, Care for the environment, Know that your action matters, Cultivate Inner peace, Don't just talk, act!, Share what you have, Be open minded, Don't make others wrong, Live Simply, so all can simply live, Volunteer your service, Avoid Discrimination, Don't believe "I can't do anything", Learn new ways, Speak up for peace, Listen to understand, Help others to be heard, Reject violence, Have a loving attitude, Write to world leaders, Start a petition, Help provide what's missing, Exercise tolerance, Teach your children about peace, Respect all life, Be courteous to all, Actively support peace initiatives, Appreciate the differences in people