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Uncommon Opportunities

The Report of the International Commission on Peace and Food brings together many of the issues central to the reflection on development which the United Nations is trying to encourage.... Once again, we see the inescapable relationships governing the goals of peace, development and democratization. 
Boutros Boutros-Ghali, United Nations Secretary General

The end of the Cold War has created unprecedented opportunities for rapid progress on issues of concern to all humankind - peace, food security, economic development and the environment. Fresh thinking and fresh initiatives are needed to convert those opportunities into realities. I view the work of the International Commission on Peace and Food as an important step in promoting global peace and prosperity.

Mikhail Gorbachev


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1 1. Obama, Nuclear Disarmament 14090
2 1. The Origin and Context of ICPF's Work 6020
3 2. Uncommon Opportunities 6484
4 3. The Peace Imperative 7092
5 4. Full Employment 7540
6 5. Food for All 7094
7 6. Transition Towards What? 6286
8 7. Developing Human Resourcefulness 6966
9 8. A Call for Leadership In Thought That Leads To Action 6447
10 9. Executive Summary 6127