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Stichting De Moeder's Geuren is de stichting van de Moeder's Geuren wierook, die u kunt vinden op en

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We can imagine that by reading the information on the projects of the Mother's Fragrance Foundation you have been touched en became excited by these extraordinary  projects.

It is possible to donate or sponsor one of these projects. You can even select a project and indicate the part of which you want to become a donor or sponsor.

The Foundation is classified by the tax department as an "art. 24" foundation. This means that your donations are tax deductible.
Gifts by notarial act are fully deductible without limit.

More information about becoming a donor or sponsor of these projects can be requested by Robert van Harten: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Foundation Third World Store Brielle donates € 1,500.=!

19 oktober 2011

Beneath you'll find an article from the local Briellian newspaper "Brielsnieuwsland" about the donation en the projects in India (they donated via Mira International).

Brielsnieuwsland - donatie WW Brielle - medium

WW Brielle doneert 1.500 - medium




Periodic Donors

Dinie van der Wiel
H. Hettema
Henriëtte Spetter
Hyacintha Schouten
Mira International BV
Robert van Harten
Sattwa Valk


Arie Oosterlee
E.J.A.M. Oostelbos
Eva en Saul, Engeland
J.H. de Waal Malefijt
Mark Spetter
Mw. M. Tijsma
N. Bellaart
Nebi Kenger
Vivienne Boulay
Maarten de Boer

Donations (third world) stores

Intratuin Duiven
Wereldwinkel Beilen
Wereldwinkel Brielle
Wereldwinkel de Ronde Venen - Mijdrecht
Wereldwinkel Elburg
Wereldwinkel Ermelo
Wereldwinkel Etten Leur
Wereldwinkel Goes
Wereldwinkel Hardenberg
Wereldwinkel Heiloo
Wereldwinkel Landsmeer
Wereldwinkel Made
Wereldwinkel Nijverdal
Wereldwinkel Oss
Wereldwinkel Sneek
Wereldwinkel Soest
Wereldwinkel Werkendam
Wereldwinkel Zwijndrecht

Donations fisherman villages - 2005

Sharleen Goossen, Krommenie, 9 years has collected € 536,65 by selling home-made "stars of hope" to customers of her parent's store, other shop-owners, neighbors, friends and acquaintances. She donates all to the tsunami project in India.

Mw. Zoetmulder, Schiedam

A. Oosterlee en M. Oosterlee-Braam, Eindhoven

S. Trapman, Aarle Rixtel

N. Kenger, Almere

N. Bellaart, Zwijndrecht

Libra, Krimpen a/d IJssel

Rozen en Viooltjes, Almere

Emira, Gemert

J.E. Mos, Bergeijk

Wereldwinkel Goirle (sales incense sets)

W. Oosterlee, 's Gravenhage

Wereldwinkel Leusden (sales incense sets)

Mw. S. Schippers, Hoorn

Wereldwinkel Nijkerk (sales incense sets)

Stephan de Loyer, Helmond

Wereldwinkel Nijverdal (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Grave (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Amersfoort (sales incense sets)

J.L.M. Oosterlaar (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Sassenheim (sales incense sets)

Erica, Amersfoort (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Medemblik (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Harlingen (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Heemskerk (sales incense sets)

Hr. M.P.J. Hellemons

Wereldwinkel Bolsward (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel 's Gravenzande (sales incense sets)

Kiebert VOF, Heemstede (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Goor (sales incense sets)

De Kristallen Bol, Den Haag (sales incense sets)

Het Pendeltje, Krommenie (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Rotterdam-Alexander: (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Woerden: (sales incense sets)

Erica, Utrecht: (sales incense sets)

Stichting de Roos: (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Heerenveen (sales incense sets)

Mana Nieuwe tijdswinkel, Bussum (sales incense sets)

Rembrandt, H.I. Ambacht (sales incense sets)

Himalaya Amsterdam (sales incense sets)

Himalaya Rotterdam (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel 't Harde (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Warmenhuizen (sales incense sets)

Joke Altorf

De Waag, Voorburg (sales incense sets)

Wereldwinkel Landsmeer (sales incense sets)

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