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EM - An Earth Saving Revolution

“An Earth Saving Revolution”

The title of the book written by EM-discoverer Prof. Teruo Higa


EM (Effective Microorganisms) is a mixture of useful, harmless, regenerative microorganisms living freely in nature. The list of applications of EM is almost endless. EM can be used successfully in:

1. agriculture and horticulture, fruit and foliage (EM, the use of fertilizers and pesticides unnecessary)

2. livestock and pet hygiene

3. the green and forest management of cities and towns

4. fish farms and swimming pools

5. house, pond and garden

6. companies to solve environmental problems such as water, air and soil pollution

7. to convert fruit, vegetable, garden waste into valuable organic material

8. for bodily hygiene and several health problems

The Foundation wants to encourage use of EM in India, setting up and supporting pilot projects.

EM in the form of ceramics can also be used in paints, building materials and the like. In our Peace Resort we will make maximum use of EM techniques.

We will also use EM in nature for the care of animals and plants.

The Foundation sponsors EM school projects in the Netherlands. Children learn to experiment with EM and food waste from school to school to compost. Read more at (Dutch).