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"The advent of a World Peace Army is a matter of time and ensures the peace and welfare for all mankind"

The International Centre of Peace and Development (ICPD), continues the work of The International Commission on Peace and Food (ICPF), which was chaired by Prof.. M.S. Swaminathan. In 1994 the report "Uncommon Opportunities - An Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development" of the ICPF was presented to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

One of the recommendations of the ICPF report was the establishment of a World Peace Army. This proposal has been given new relevance by contemporary terrorist threats and regional instability in different parts of the world. We are currently working with the Pugwash organization that pursues nuclear disarmament and the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize.

An explanation of the proposal for a World Peace Army Members of The Dutch Third Chamber 2004:  World Peace Army explanation for the Third Chamber members.

An Evolutionary Theory of Peace and Unity

An Evolutionary Theory of Peace and Unity

The Foundation in Ode magazine november 2011.
Development of Consiousness, Development of Organization and Decentralisation of Power.

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Uncommon Opportunities

elk_kind_kan_een_genie_worden_ode_dec2011_h240The International Centre of Peace and Development (ICPD) zet het werk voort van The International Commission on Peace and Food (ICPF) die onder voorzitterschap stond van Prof. M.S. Swaminathan. In 1994 werd het rapport “Uncommon Opportunities - An Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development” van de ICPF aangeboden aan de Algemene Vergadering van de Verenigde Naties. Een van de aanbevelingen van het ICPF rapport was de oprichting van een Wereld Vredesleger.


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A World Free of Nuclear Weapons

The Wall Street Journal - January 4, 2007

Nuclear weapons today present tremendous dangers, but also an historic opportunity. U.S. leadership will be required to take the world to the next stage -- to a solid consensus for reversing reliance on nuclear weapons globally as a vital contribution to preventing their proliferation into potentially dangerous hands, and ultimately ending them as a threat to the world.

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An Evolutionary Theory of Peace

elk_kind_kan_een_genie_worden_ode_dec2011_h240Het PhD proposal "An Evolutionary Theory of Peace" door Robert van Harten MBA.

"Peace is fundamentally a function of social consciousness, social organisation and the democratization of social power and advances related to these three factors point to the possibility of achieving a permanent condition of peace between nation-states."

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The Dream of Every Child

Moeder's_Glimlach_mLet us for one moment forget what we know, what we believe, the opinions we have. It has never been our ideas, our beliefs, our opinions that have directly shaped our world. The world has its own future. There are huge forces shaping that future and they do not depend on what you or I think or believe.

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World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Robert van Harten, chairman of the Mother's Fragrances Foundation, has been invited by the Global Security Institute to attend presentations and discussions during World Summit Nobel Peace Laureates 2005. This Summit has been organised by the Gorbatsjov Foundation. On this photo he is talking with Bob Geldof.

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The World Army

"The World Army" an article by Robert van Harten:

"The World Army is the symbol that we have outgrown war. The World Army does not want to fight. It is so constituted that it does not have to fight. It compels other armies not to fight. The World Army is the first army that is truly invincible...

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Toward a Nuclear-Free World

One Nuclear Free World!1

The Wall Street Journal - January 15, 2008

The accelerating spread of nuclear weapons, nuclear know-how and nuclear material has brought us to a nuclear tipping point. We face a very real possibility that the deadliest weapons ever invented could fall into dangerous hands.

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50 ways to build World Peace

50 Ways to build World Peace: Take your share of responsibility for the world, Promote Unity, Talk about peace, Help those in need, Welcome a stranger, Mediate a conflict, Seek mutual understanding, Aim so everyone wins, Aid the starving, Participate, Be friendly with your neighbor, Meditate, Join peace protests, Consider others, Exchange Ideas...

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