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Encyclopaedia on the process of Social Development

Encyclopaedia on the process of Social Development

A major activity of The Mothers' Service Society, which the Foundation wants to support is the compilation of an Encyclopedia of the Process of Social Development. This process has been worked out in 394 principles. Under each principle, different facets of life / society will be  addressed, such as organization, institutionalization, people, money etc. The encyclopedia contains a Comprehensive Theory of Social Development, interms of history, litarature, society and life, which enables the reader to see his or her life from a new perspective. Application of the theoryallows us, without exception, to solve every known problem. Compilation of such an encyclopedia has previously never been undertaken.

Conducting such a large project would be inconceivable without the existence of the Internet. However, this project requires a lot of manpower. It's an initiative that the Mother's Fragrances Foundation eagerly wants to support .
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