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The Glenn Doman method used for a newborn girl

Angelina has been born 10 weeks premature and had very little chance to survive. After three days she had a brain haemorrhage. Miraculously Angelina survived. Now she is a happy and alert baby. She is very emotional and very eager to discover life. Because Angelina had such a difficult start she got brain damage which affected her motor skills.

Her parents, after almost 10 months of searching, found the therapy they were looking for: the Glen Domann method. This therapy assumes that people like Angelina should be encouraged to the physical mobility to best effect. The aim of therapy is to mimic the basic movement of all people and animals - crawling. To make the elements of crawling your own. Angelina was 14 months old when she started the method. She could only play with her hands, lie on her back and occasionally roll over. After one year implementing the Glen Doman method Angelina can now move over 200 meters per day independently on her belly, she makes a lot of contact with the environment, at that time she has not once been sick and she has made tremendous cognitive developments . Her arm and refined motor skills improved considerably.

To carry out the therapy more properly and effective with Angelina, Angelina's parents had to go to the Institute for Human Potential ( There, parents gradually learn how to fully use the potential of their children with the Glen Domann method. Two or three times a year they have to go to the Institute to show the developments and an update or a necessary correction of the program. In addition, they have to provide for special tools which further stimulate the development of Angelina.

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