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World Peace Army

“"The advent of a World Peace Army is a matter of time and ensures the peace and welfare for all mankind"”

The International Centre of Peace and Development (ICPD), continues the work of The International Commission on Peace and Food (ICPF), which was chaired by Prof.. M.S. Swaminathan. In 1994 the report "Uncommon Opportunities - An Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development" of the ICPF was presented to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

One of the recommendations of the ICPF report was the establishment of a World Peace Army. This proposal has been given new relevance by contemporary terrorist threats and regional instability in different parts of the world. We are currently working with the Pugwash organization that pursues nuclear disarmament and the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize.

An explanation of the proposal for a World Peace Army Members of The Dutch Third Chamber 2004:  World Peace Army explanation for the Third Chamber members.

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