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Het verhaal van het onderwijs systeem van Glenn Doman


The beginning
It was around 1996 when we saw a documentary on the Belgian BRT network about super intelligent children. At the end of the documentary the address of the institute where these children were taught was given. We wrote (email and internet wasn't yet as widespread as nowadays) for information about the teaching-method of the man that could result in super-intelligent children. His name was Glenn Doman and his institute was called Institute for the Achieval of Human Potential (IAHP -

Glenn Doman en children with brain-damage
Glenn Doman had worked extensively with children with brain damage, with the goal to give them the development which would enable them to learn/function like normal students in eduction. He found a series of exercises that realized that the brain damage could be circumvented and other parts of the brains could take over the proper functioning. The success was demonstrated by the fact that around 85% of the children who are blind or deaf that arrive at the institute can see or hear again after performing these exercises.

The Glenn Doman eduction-method
Glenn Doman wondered what would happen if healthy children would carry out these exercises. It turned out that the healthy children not only developed perfectly working brains (almost everyone has parts of their brains that do not function 100% proper, but which are hardly noticed), but also that they could learn to read from the age of 8 months.


Glenn Doman in India
We took all received documentation to The Mother's Service Society (MSS - in India, a by the Government recognized Social Science Research Institute, who were very interested. Two Indian volunteers were allowed to spend a year taking lessons at the Glenn Doman Institute in Philadelphia, so a Glenn Doman school in Pondicherry, Southern India,  could be founded.

The small Primrose School
In 1999 the time had come and it started with about 15 small children from the age of 2.5 years in a school converted rental house. Every year there would be a growth of about 15 children (later this became 30). The children were accompanied by 3 'misses'. One of them had a baby which she took to school and was allowed to learn. We were completely convinced of the eduction-method when we saw that baby, who still could not walk, creeping and putting 4 cards (each with a word on it) in order so that it became a sentence. Glenn Doman says that every child is a potential genius, and we then saw that he was right.

The large Primrose School
After a few years, the homeschool became too small and the plan came to build a large school, for about 300-350 students, called Primrose School ( Our foundation has provided about half of the money that was needed to build and furnish the school. The sports complex with gymnasium (gym), the physics lab, the chemistry lab, the lunch room, the pottery studio, the playground and the homes of the teachers were purchased and build directly with the money from the foundation.

The ideal school?
The Primrose School children do not get any homework home, they always go to the next class (no one does teh same year twice) and there are no rehearsals or exams. Nevertheless, at the end of their schooling the students get the highest scores in the state (Tamil Nadu) in the state exams. The Primrose School received the highest recognition with the result that students are accepted at universities like Cambridge and Oxford directly.

Glenn Doman in Netherlands
A few years ago the foundation had the idea that we could promote the Glenn Doman eduction-method for babies and small children in the Netherlands. The first idea was to start a daycare where small children could learn to read and count according to the the Glenn Doman method. After much study and looking for housing, we were interrupted by the problems of an Amsterdam daycare. Rules were tightened and expanded, so our plan was becoming increasingly difficult to implement. Eventually we had to leave this plan.

Nanny leert je lezen (Nanny teaches you to read)
The second and next idea was to develop a-learn-to-read-set with which our nanny could take in the day-care children at home and learning them to read and count according to the Glenn Doman method. The reading-lag of children in the 5th class is indeed worrying. Our nanny can solve this problem in a short time. Meanwhile this is tested in practice with 2 young boys aged 4 and 7 years whom come every Wednesday to learn to read.

A Glenn Doman school in Oosterwold?
Our last idea is a long term idea to start and build a Glenn Doman/Primrose school in Oosterwold. Oosterwold is a future self-sufficient and rule-less village which will be built between Almere and Zeewolde. Freedom is the keyword: free choice of location, free lot size, and free functions for living, working and recreation. Everything is going to be determined by the community, including the open spaces: where the green is where the paths and roads will be and what kind of path and roads. The village will be self-sufficient in terms of energy and food. Playful learning will not be out of place here.The idea has developed itself in a Nanny class in Haarlem. The idea now is a Hobbit-school on a plot which will be founded by the Foundation with a few plots around bought by the families whoms children will go to the Hobbit-school. The Hobbit-school is a building based on the Hobbit houses from the movies. In Oosterwold, everthing you can imagine can be build and a Hobbit-school seemed the perfect idea for small and big children. Around there will be flowers, vegetable gardens, a Hobbit play garden and a small animal farm.

Your-baby-can-read set
Another great idea is to develop a 'your-baby-can-read' set and to give each new-born baby this present at his or her birth. A huge annual cost, but a foundation should not be lacking ideals. We are planning to develop the set and to make some hundred and then to see what is possible.