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"The principle of progress is an increasing self recognition, self realisation and a resultant self shaping”

Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle pg. 59.


The Mother's Fragrance Foundation was founded June 18, 2004 and aims to develop and support projects and activities which have an exemplary function in order to encourage imitation. The projects are in various fields such as education, agriculture. peace and social development.

The tax department regards the Mother's Fragrances Foundation as an institution referred to in Article 24 paragraph 4 of the succession law. Donations to the Foundation the Mother's Fragrances are therefore tax deductible.

The Mothers Fragrance Foundation is a sister organization of The Mother's Service Society, Pondicherry, India. The Mother's Service Society is a 'Social Science Research Institute' which has been founded in 1969 and is recognized by the Government of India.

Projects currently supported can be found in the blocks below.

Every child is a potential genius

school_3April 2012. Teach-your-baby-how-to-read project (or True Child project) wants to collect 5 million Euros each year, this is to give every child born in the Netherlands (182,000), a Learn-To-Read-Package for free. Read more...
At the Primrose School and the school Shikshayatan,Southern India, the future education is in development. By implementing the Glenn Doman method each child is experiencing the joy of learning and self-discovery, because nothing will be put in his or her way. Read more ...

"Every Child Can Become A Genius" - an Dutch article in Ode magazine december 2011

Encyclopedia of Social Development

encyclopedieA major activity of The Mothers' Service Society, which the Foundation wants to support is the compilation of an Encyclopedia of the Process of Social Development. This process has been worked out in 32 principles. Under each principle, different facets of life / society will be  addressed, such as organization, institutionalization, people, money etc. The encyclopedia contains a comprehensive Theory of social development ...

The latest developments can be found on


An Evolutionary Theory of Peace and Unity
The Foundation in ODE Magazine!
"An Evolutionary Theory of Peace and Unity"
World Peace Army & Theory of Peace


"The advent of a World Peace Army is a matter of time and ensures the peace and welfare for all mankind"

"The World Army is the symbol That we have outgrown war. The World Does Not because Army to fight. It is so constituted is That Does Not have to fight. It Compel not to fight other armies. The World Army is the army That first is truly invincible. "

Read "An Evolutionary Theory of Peace" (PhD proposal)





EM - An Earth Saving Revolution


Effective microorganisms, EM for short, is a mixture of common naturally occurring microorganisms. They provide for a greater harvest, tastier vegetables, more energy, healthier cattle, cleaner water ... without the use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. The Foundation wants to stimulate the use of EM in India and Netherlands and set up and support pilot projects.

schoolbankWe can imagine that by reading the information on the projects of the Mother's Fragrance Foundation you have been touched en became excited by these extraordinary  projects.

It is possible to donate or sponsor one of these projects. You can even select a project and indicate the part of which you want to become a donor or sponsor.

19.10.2011: Foundation Third World Store Brielle donates € 1500,=!